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Durapipe PLX is a complete range of dedicated fusion-welded pipework systems for the safe transfer of fuels. Suitable for use with leaded, unleaded petroleum, including ethanol rich alternative fuels (E85), diesel, bio-diesel and fuel oils.The Durapipe PLX range represents a major innovation in pipework technology as it offers the ultimate in environmental protection with maximum protection against permeation and leak free joints. Primary PLX is available in sizes ranging from 32mm to 110mm. Single contained and close fit dual contained applications. 


Durapipe also manufacture a specifically designed pipe for the carrying of AdBlue. PLX- Blue is available in a range of sizes, in continuous coils and straight lengths, with both single and dual contained Stainless steel transitions. 

2020 saw the introduction to market of an industry first “one weld” fitting to fuse the joints of both secondary and primary pipe at the same time, with a single fitting. This design significantly reduces installation time on site, reducing preparation time and welding all 4 ends of the connected pipes in a single, continuous cycle.  

Durapipe PLX is fully compliant with the Institute of Petroleum Performance Specification - Issue 2 for under ground pipework systems.


Berrys and Durapipe.

We have been Durapipes distributor of PLX for over 25 years. In 2020 alone we supplied over 60 KM pipework of PLX for installation throughout the UK. As the UK distributor for PLX we hold a significant amount of pipe and fittings, the vast majority of which we can deliver the next day.

To assist all of our clients and save you valuable time, we can also produce material schedules for any given project. Simply send us a scaled site drawing with the specification requirements and we will return an itemised material list and quotation.

Durapipe systems


Fibrelite is a global leader in the manufacture and development of highly engineered GRP composite manhole covers, trench covers, steam covers and underground containment systems.

Founded on core values of quality and innovation over 30 years ago, Fibrelite is proud to be at the forefront of composite technology, with creations including the world’s first composite manhole cover! Recent developments include the first composite F900 load rated trench cover and first composite multiport system.


Lightweight for easy and safe removal, without compromising on strength. Used on Forecourts worldwide the covers are ideal for access to Tank manholes, underground pipework, electrical junction boxes and commercial fuel storage. 

We can supply and hold a large stock number of Steel manhole covers, in a vast range of sizes. From 300mm square to 1000mm square. They are available in single or double seal. With shallow or deep frames.


Berrys and Fibrelite 

Another partnership ongoing for over 25 years, we are the UK sole distributor of Fibrelite products, holding excellent stock levels of all specifications and sizes of composite covers. 

Fibrelite manhole cover
Fibrelite covers
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