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Designed alongside experienced industry professionals, the Atlas mono Gen 2 is fully equipped with a number of features that allow it to stand out as the perfect tank top chamber system, making it the most cost effective and installer friendly chamber system on the market. A fully integrated corbel and pipe boot entry system not only eliminates highly vulnerable leak paths from the system but also greatly reduces the installation time onsite.

Predefined pipe entry and exit positions provide a range of potential site layout options

Fully integrated corbel system arrives on site welded directly to the tank

DSC_0146 edit.jpg

Coated with the same endoprene protective finish as the tank,

giving the mono gen 2 the same 30-year constructional warranty as the tank

The Mono Gen 2 greatly reduces the number of leak paths against other chamber systems



Construction - The chamber is constructed from mild steel plate with predefined pipe entry and exit positions, giving the installer a range of potential site layout options. Our new generation chamber system is welded directly to the fuel storage tank and is coated with the same endoprene protective finish as the tank. This makes the Gen 2 an extension of the tank, and completely eliminates the potential leak path associated with bolting chambers to upstands.


Integrated corbel - The previously two part chamber / corbel has been replaced with a single steel corbel system which is fully integrated into the chamber. Having this integrated corbel system removes hours of work on site and substantially increases the success rate for a chamber vacuum test.


Pipe boot entry system - Has been redesigned to offer a simple two boot system. The larger boot offers stepped positions for a pipe range of 125-110-90mm and the smaller boot sizes of 75-63-50mm. The boots can be either cut to the appropriate pipe size or left as “blank” to then act as sealing caps for the pipe entry positions.


Vacuum testing - Tank manufacturers, Wefco Gainsborough, have been involved in the design from the beginning and as part of their install process, Wefco’s team vacuum test the Gen 2 chamber. Berrys team them offer a second on site vacuum test once all works such as pipe install, electrical and gauge works have been completed.


Polyethylene stud connection system – pre-fabricated by Berrys off-site

High grade aluminium componentry - arrives on site fully welded and pressure tested

fill master.png

Single arm type caps with padlock systems - supplied with keys to differ or keys alike requirements depending

Bespoke hinging system – easy to install and simple to replace if damaged

Fill master



The Fill Master, like the Vent Master, can either be positioned as a stand-alone device or as an ideal companion to the Vent Master. It also utilises the polyethylene stub connection system which allows for easy ‘plug-and-play’ between all the componentry. The unit is pre-fabricated by Berrys off-site to mirror the site requirements.


The filling connections are of high grade aluminium componentry, fully welded and pressure tested in our factory. These arrive on site with the offset fill caps colour coded to suit the fuel grade designation.


All of our caps are single arm type with a padlock system. Padlocks can be supplied either with keys to differ or keys alike depending on the client’s requirement. We also utilise our bespoke hinging system for the caps. This ensures that caps are never lost, chains aren’t broken and therefore remain on site at all times. Not only are these hinges extremely easy to install initially, but are also simple to replace in the event of any accidental damage.

Sump master

Stainless Steel – to ensure longevity on site in all conditions

Plug-and-play – all of the 4 pipe connection points on a typical forecourt layout are covered, can be fitted as a stand-alone or dual purpose

sump master.png

Adjustable bracket system – vertical pipe risers can be positioned in either suction or pressure positions

Pipe entry positions Studs welded – giving that important water/fuel tight solution.



Berrys’ Sump Master under pump sumps have exactly the same design principle as our successful Mono Gen 2 tank chambers, fabricated from stainless steel with the pipe entry positions having stubs welded into them so boots can be tightened to both stubs and pipework giving that all important water/fuel tight solution Berrys’ clients have become accustomed to.


Sump Master can be used on pressure applications when additional monitoring is required on the fuel line, alternatively, it can be used on conventional suction sites when environmental risks are a concern. The adjustable bracket system allows the installer to position the vertical pipe risers in either suction or pressure positions dependent on the pumping application on site.


The Sump Master system can be supplied fully assembled in the factory with all associated pipework electrofusion welded into position and pressure tested per site delivery.


The fully assembled product can be vacuum tested as part of a quality control measure to make sure all fittings are both vapour and liquid tight before the site takes receipt of any fuel.


Sump Master from Berrys – part of the ‘plug-and-play’ forecourt equipment range Berrys have now covered all of the 4 pipe connection points on a typical forecourt layout giving its customers fully factory assembled ‘plug-and-play’ products which include Mono Gen 2 , Fill Master, Vent Master and now Sump Master.


High epoxy coating – for lifelong durability

3 Manifold– allowing all spirit vapours to be separated from diesel vapours


Plug-and-play – all of the 4 pipe connection points on a typical forecourt layout are covered, can be fitted as a stand-alone or dual purpose.

Grade changes – can be made quickly and easily 

Vent master


Vent Master is another part of the ‘plug-and-play’ range from Berrys Technologies. It can either be fitted as a stand-alone component on the side of a forecourt or it can be incorporated as a dual purpose vent and fill system, where the vent position is next to the fill position.

The tray is powder coated in a high epoxy coating for long-life durability.

The ability to be able to make grade changes quickly and easily without breaking any pipework is a huge benefit to the customer and future proofs any grade changes down the line.

The Vent Master has a 3” manifold which allows all spirit vapours to be separated from diesel vapours and returned via a Stage 1 B-line back to the tanker.

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