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Berrys comprehensive range of forecourt equipment extends from pump stands, offset fill and vent frames, vapour recovery and overfill prevention equipment to pollution control, monitoring wells, manhole covers, signs and labels. We have also included information and stock code numbers for some of the most common replacement parts and consumables. If there are additional items or forecourt equipment that you require, please telephone +44 (0) 121 5584411 and we will do our best to help.


Full retention separators available in 1 to 3 compartment configurations for forecourt applications, car wash, jet wash etc

Silt Traps

Available for car wash and jet wash applications. Hinged heavy duty grill is provided.


Oil Alarm Systems

These are available to meet PPG3 Guidelines. A visual and audible warning is provided by the control unit. A dedicated tube is provided within the separator.

Separators Class 1

Class I & II Enviroceptors for forecourt applications. Designed to comply with European Standard EN858 and Pollution Precaution PPG3, specifically to contain a spillage from a 7600 litre road tanker compartment.


Our services and products include:

  • Man-lid Modifications

  • Steel Tube and Section Fabrications

  • Pump Stands

  • Vent and Off-set Fill Frames

  • Pump Barriers

  • Manifolds

  • Safety Platforms

  • Suction Pipes

  • Bush, Plug and Fill Pipe Extractor kit

  • Adaptor Plates

  • Retro-fit Chambers to our Man-lid Adaptor Plates 


The manufacture of mild steel fabrications has complemented our supply to the industry for many years, made to either our own design, or to customers’ specifications. Stainless Steel Pump Island Surrounds Manufactured to various specifications

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Composite Covers Fibrelite tank access covers are designed and manufactured specifically for use on petrol and diesel forecourts to provide easy acess to manholes and to comply with current health and safety demands. Chamber Systems Fibrelite has developed a series of chamber systems that can provide the most practical and cost effective interface between the storage tank and manhole cover. This is achieved through a combination of chamber types and sizes together with variations of extensions, corbels, seals and composite covers.

Our services and products include

Monitoring Wells 8”, 12” or 18” with optional galvanised or polyethylene skirt. Water tight lid, with buna seal, incorporates cast-in identification triangle. Vapour Recovery Equipment Wide range of equipment for use on above or below ground systems. Pre-fabricated above ground manifolds. Overfill Valves We have large stocks of 3” and 4” valves for below ground storage tanks. Steel Manhole Covers

Comprehensive Range Available:

  • Heavy Duty Black 

  • Heavy Duty Galvanised 

  • Light Duty Black 

  • Light Duty Galvanised 

  • Wide Flange and Deep Flange available for forecourt applications 

  • Single Seal or Double Seal

  • Berry's Security Cover Stops Fuel Theft 

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