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OPUS is used in conjunction with Midas; now not only does Midas protect from misfueling but also from overfilling the fuel storage tanks, eliminating the need for any mechanical overfill valves within the tank. OPUS is fitted to the top of the tank lid and its probe sensor initiates closure of the Midas inlet valve once the fuel tank is nearing an overfill.

Engineers don’t have to work in confined spaces

Fully functional/testable without the release of vapours from the tank

Single person operation - easy to use

Increased delivery flow rates

Easy to install and use

opus 2.png
  • All attempted overfills are logged and can be uploaded to the Datatec unit

  • Visual and audio alerts to the driver

  • Trigger point can be altered to suit customers specific requirements

  • "Stainless steel construction"

The Opus probe is installed on the tank lid with the probe section sitting “inside” the tank space at a length that gives the client their preferred safe working capacity level. Once the fuel level in the tank reaches this safe working level a magnetic float system triggers a signal to the Midas at the tanker filling position activating a series of pre-programmed visual and audible alarms to alert the tanker driver to the impending overfill situation. 

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